Friday, October 28, 2011


Too much happening in Tambaroora. The stress is killing us! Linda Jackson is having an exhibition at Number 47 (63791338) in Rylestone. The gallery is open from Thursday to Monday...

Linda's invite.

We have a new car! Dot. Bought with a bequest by, and named in memory of Michael's mum, Dorothy Ramsden.
Dot the Car
Let's split this crazy scene...

Dot takes us to Rylestone.
The show is a blast of colour, texture and spirit.  The gallery looks great and the cafe jumps.

Linda has a friend, named Na Lam, who runs a tiny yum-cha joint in Rylestone. She, the shop AND the food are just gorgeous! Plus, she sells a selection of luscious Chinse clothes and finery. We've rung and pre-ordered Peking Duck (02 6379 1984).
Na Lam has made a beautiful spot for us by the window.

Karin Mainwaring and Linda Jackson in Na Lam's yum-cha joint.
We all have new spectacles. Our eyes are drunk with it all. That and the two bottles of local wine...

Michael Ramsden, grappling with new glasses, is stunned, by the blast of colour sitting opposite!
The lunch is so delicious that we eat it all before we take any photos. A shame as the food looked as beautiful as it tasted. The dumplings were sheer poetry. They steamed and quivered in a naughty, but very nice, kind of way.

Linda tells us about a new admirer who has recently appeared on the scene...

Linda's resident King Parrot.

We met Na Lam's husband, an artist named Reg. By coincidence our dog is named Reg too. When we told Reg the Dog to sit, Reg the artist very nearly complied! Well trained, Reg.

This is Reg the dog. Not Na Lam's husband, Reg the Artist. 
Linda's show is a feast as is Na-lam's food. Linda tells us that she has also has a major retrospective opening at the National Gallery of Victoria next year. It opens on Australia Day and runs until September.

Linda Jackson in front of her Waratah Opal Floats at Gallery 47, Rylestone

Thanks for the photos Linda.
                                                         © KMR & Linda Jackson